February 9, 2018


Gauteng Philharmonic Orchestra outreach programme at Brooklyn Theatre: 

Outreach is an activity of providing services to any populations who might not otherwise have access to those services.

Important note: The final dress rehearsal is only available for outreach initiatives, students, scholars, children. The general public is not allowed at the dress rehearsals. 

Final Dress Rehearsal Dates:

Fri 3  Aug  19:00            LISZT vs SIBELIUS
Fri 31 Aug  19:00           YOUTH CONCERTO FESTIVAL 2018
Thurs 27 Sept 19:00    The Moldau (Smetana) (Ma Vlast) The Four last Songs (Richard Strauss)
Sat 24 Nov 10:00          Christmas Concert

Letter of understanding this outreach responsibility 
by Dr. Linda Nell, Director, Child Welfare Tshwane:

“The scourge of Nyaope (drug abuse), sexual abuse, child pornography, child-headed families, and lawlessness has gripped our country as never before. Coupled with that, the high unemployment rate & teenage pregnancies, place our nation in desperate need to have a hold on itself “ ( Special words  with specific reference by the patron, Me Nakedi Ribane to Tshwane in the ‘Child Welfare Tshwane Annual Report, 2017). It is against this background that the Gauteng Philharmonic Orchestra wants to reach out, engage and take hands with the stakeholders of Tshwane that possibly could find creative solutions in the  empowering and uplifting of the vulnerable youth (victims of drug and sexual abuse). Arts (music, drama,art) – as an universal language – could play a significant role as a  “bridge builder” of hope, creative self-fulfillment and inner joy, where different cultures meet in an emotional safe environment which is characterised by re-focusing on positive and healthy self -expression. We are faced with the painful realities of a City of Tshwane  of unemployment, desperation of finding trustworthy role-models, socio-economic challenges to cite only some examples.

The Gauteng Philharmonic Orchestra endeavours to consistently try to connect in a positive, innovative and collaborative way with the people of Tshwane. This involves networking with the youth and creating a new “spirit” of internal motivation, hope and enthusiasm.

Although this humble creative space – the Brooklyn Theatre – may sound so insignificant against the overwhelming problems that Tshwane currently has to face and address, Brooklyn Theatre believes that the authentic joy of attending concerts, listening to music, being exposed to a “different world” of self expression, will not only be a therapeutic experience but also an experience of new inspiration for life.

By creating new hope for our disadvantaged and vulnerable youth – even by small gestures of engaging with and reaching our to our youth in need, the smallest “seed” may grow into a new self-exploration through music, dance or art, talent and potential. The adage “Charity begins at home” can then be reframed with the following statement:

“Love for the arts begins at Brooklyn Theatre” and by creating new opportunities for the youth to visit this theatre a new passion for the arts can be developed !

Brooklyn Theatre strives to re-position it’s role in the Tshwane community to enable the people – and specifically the youth, a section of society which maybe feels neglected and deprived – to explore new challenges and opportunities.

Being embraced by the arts through innovative ways to “take hands together” with the City of Tshwane, the vision of creating new hopes in the hearts and new dreams in the minds of the new leaders of Tshwane – and our country – will be become a reality of new possibilities! – Dr. Linda Nell