About us

To perform art inspired music through dedicated team work of talented young artists and be involved in inspiring and uplifting projects to promote the appreciation of music.
Our inspiring performances are designed to delight our loyal followers, whose fine taste in music we fully appreciate.

Gauteng Philharmonic Orchestra (GPO) is the finishing touch to the canvas primed 21 years ago by the mother company, ‘Salon Music’-now trading as ‘Brooklyn Theatre’. After a highly successful year of monthly concertising in 2014 and 2015 the GPO has now firmly established itself as a young symphony orchestra to be reckoned with. International and local instrumentalists and singers performed regularly as soloists in concerti with the orchestra. The enthusiasm of the Gauteng music lovers for these very accessible concerts was clear, judging from the steady support of the orchestra throughout the year. Figures indicate that 85% of the running expenses of the orchestra was generated through ticket sales. The remainder 15%, was sponsored by individuals and corporate sponsors. As part of Brooklyn Theatre we are confident of building on this incredible success in years to come and to deliver even more originally and artfully on our stated objectives. OUR AIMS To stage at least two performances orchestral concert performances per month at Brooklyn Theatre. To ensure that ticket sales form the basis of the income generated to fund the orchestra. To solicit the support and donations of sponsors to widen it’s scope for social projects and upliftment through music. To open all final dress rehearsals to school children and students at a nominal fee. To augment (on an ad hoc basis) the orchestra for Romantic or other works. This will also target ‘upliftment’ and aim to involve artists who could derive value and experience from playing with professionals.